Zombieville USA 2 Mod

In zombieville USA 2, players are faced with a variety of characters. Starting off slowly, these creatures slowly increase in size as users advance. Their appetite for human flesh and brains has them sprouting up like turnips from the ground. But as players progress, they grow more dangerous.


To enable this mod, you need to uninstall the original game and install it. Then, go to the settings and enable the “Unknown sources” option. This will allow the app to see network connections and allow it to download the mod. Once installed, the game will be synchronized to all of your devices.

This mod has several features and gives players complete control over their character. It also lets them create new weapons. You can choose a weapon from a huge arsenal of weapons. The game also has a catchy soundtrack. This zombie shooter is similar to other popular zombie games such as Zombie Diary and Zombie Age. It is an excellent choice if you like the zombie genre and want to play with different types of characters.


Zombieville USA 2 is a fun action-adventure game with solid gameplay and tons of fun weapons and characters. The game is a 2D plane in which players move from side to side and have to kill zombies to earn money and upgrade their weapons. The controls are smooth and the animation is crisp. You can play with friends or compete against computer players across the globe.

The game also has multiplayer features, including Wifi and bluetooth. You can play against other people using the Internet, and save game data from one device to another. You can disable iCloud in the options menu, but the game will continue to sync across your devices.


Zombieville USA 2 is a new side-scrolling game developed by Mika Mobile, the creator of such popular iOS games as OMG Pirates!, Battleheart, and the critically acclaimed OMG Pirates! 2. While the game doesn’t have a real plot or premise, it still has enough appeal to be one of the top five paid games in the Apple App Store. You’ll need to find your way around the city’s infected streets and kill as many zombies as you can, while keeping track of how many of your enemies are weak and fast. This way, you’ll know which enemies are the most challenging before entering the fray.

Zombieville USA 2 is a great action game with cartoonish graphics. The game also has dozens of different weapons that you can use to fight the undead. You can select a weapon, customize its appearance, or even upgrade your character’s weapons. The gameplay is similar to the original, but with more features and dozens of characters to choose from. The game’s controls are tight and the animations are smooth. You can play alone or play with friends using the online multiplayer feature.

Infection levels

Zombieville USA 2 is one of the hottest new games available for iOS. Developed by Mika Mobile, the game lets you take on the role of a zombie hunter and slaughter an undead horde. The game features big guns, a unique gameplay, and tons of different zombies to kill.


Zombieville USA 2 is a shooter game with dozens of playable characters and a massive arsenal of weapons. It is set in a zombie-invaded town where players must fight to survive. The game’s gameplay is similar to Zombieville USA, but features a few improvements, such as more detailed graphics and more weapons. You can pick from a variety of characters and build your character’s arsenal to best suit your needs.

The graphic style of the game is reminiscent of the classic Plants vs. Zombies, and the juxtaposition of cartoony characters against zombie guts is oddly charming. Players can also take advantage of the co-op mode, which doubles the amount of loot available to them.

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