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Gardenscapes is a highly popular mobile game that combines elements of match-3 puzzle games with landscaping. In the game, the player must restore and decorate the garden with decorations and plants. The challenge lies in achieving a given goal by making matches and completing tasks for rewards. Players can earn stars by completing levels, which can then be used to buy items for the garden from the in-game store.



Stars are the most important in-game currency in Gardenscapes. Collecting stars is essential for the progress of the game, and they can be earned by completing levels or various tasks. Stars can also be bought with real money, but these are not necessarily required to complete the game. You can get stars by collecting them as rewards when completing levels, daily bonuses, or even completing achievements.

Players who want to get free stars in Gardenscapes should first complete the daily tasks in order to collect the daily bonus stars. Completing the daily tasks gives players five stars every day, over time adding up to hundreds of free stars to use. Secondly, completing levels will reward players with one to three stars depending on the difficulty and how quickly the level was completed. Lastly, some levels have a star bonus mode where players need to break all objects with a single move to receive up to five stars for completing the level.

Collecting stars can be tedious for some players, but there are also some cheats and hacks online to obtain free stars in Gardenscapes. Some of the methods include using game-hacking programs, websites that claim to give away free stars and coins, or downloading third-party cheat tools. These methods may work in the short-term, but are often unreliable and could potentially lead to bans or account suspensions.

In conclusion, players can get free stars in Gardenscapes by completing daily tasks, beating levels, and taking advantage of bonus star modes. Cheats or hacks may provide an easier way to acquire stars, but they are unreliable and can result in severe penalties.

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