School of Dragons

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School of Dragons Welcome to the island of Berk, where Vikings and Dragons have become friends and you have been invited to attend the School of Dragons. Your adventure begins when you meet Hiccup and Toothless, and from there you are able to choose and train your own dragon.

The goal here is to become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer, and as you complete quests, play games even fish you will earn trainer points. You will also earn gold and experience for each quest that you finish. The more experience you have the higher your level. By following the quests you will learn to fly on your dragon, fish and farm your own food to feed your dragon. There are also games you can play to keep your dragon happy, playing fetch is surprisingly fun and watching them grow up is great.



There are also lessons in the science of dragons and alchemy too, all of this adds up to a very rich and fun place to be, filled with vikings and dragons. When you can fly on your dragon you can also enter into races. As you play you will earn gold, which can be spent on new clothing, food and items for your dragon. You will also earn gold for flying lessons and much more. There is also another currency called Gems, these can be spent on premium items, unlocking dragons and speeding up things in the game.

With a fabulous mix of high quality graphics, fun stories and simple style School of Dragons is a fantastic game for all ages.

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