League of Stickman

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Fight the evil forces with the coolest heroes in League of Stickman.

Equip your hero with the mightiest swords and the heaviest armors.

Enjoy epic campaigns, daily challenges and live events.

League of Stickman League of Stickman is a brilliant sword fighting game that takes you to the land of the ninjas, battling the forces of evil with their special skills. The game includes a brilliant campaign mode along with challenges, daily quests and live events that will never let you get bored.

You get to choose from a huge variety of cool heroes in the game. Start with the mightiest Gus and keep on fighting evil to unlock the coolest ones in the game. There are heroes ranging from one star to five depending on their attributes and skill. You can unlock all of them by leveling up in the game and purchasing them with gems.

The heroes can also be upgraded in the game. You can equip them with the coolest weapons and the heaviest armor that will increase their attributes and help them fight off the toughest enemies with ease. Moreover, you can also enhance their special abilities or skills with coins and resources in the game.

You get to enjoy an epic campaign mode in the game that features chapters in which you have to defeat the enemies coming your way. A challenge mode is also available in the game that features epic boos battles and an endless mode that puts you on an endless run of fighting enemies and unlocking rewards. Moreover, you also get to play live events and compare your score with players from all over the world in an epic ranking system.

The combat system in the game is pretty addicting. You have to use on screen buttons for moving your hero left and right and jump through obstacles. Moreover, you can attack the enemies with a single tap on the screen and unleashing special skills is also pretty simple and fun. All skills need some time to recharge to be executed again that you can speed up by enhancing them with coins.

League of Stickman brings some really cool graphics to the screen. The heroes are all represented as shadows which gives a perfect portrayal of the theme of the game. Moreover, the visuals of the game are simply brilliant and you also get to enjoy some really cool sound effects and background tunes in the game.

If you are running out of resources in the game and you want an instant refill, you can always buy as much resources as you need with real money. The game store features some really amazing deals that can offer the best value for your money at amazing discounted prices.

Fight off the forces of evil with a huge range of the coolest and the strongest ninja heroes. Upgrade your attributes and enhance your skills to beat the toughest evil boss. Enjoy an epic campaign mode, challenges and live events that will never let you go bored. Try out League of Stickman today.

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