Hockey Fight Lite

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Hockey Fight Lite is an exceptional game that, like the name suggests, revolves more around fighting than it does around hockey. This is a pretty engaging fighting game that features a unique setting in which fights take place in the middle of the hockey arena and this setting has been paired with some fairly high-end gameplay to make for an experience that players are sure to be pleased with.

In terms of gameplay, Hockey Fight Lite is an incredibly well-rounded game that might not bring anything out of the ordinary to the table but still consists of everything that high-end fighting games are known for. The fighting mechanics are top-notch and enable players to pull off multiple devastating combos if they’re skilled enough, there’s a fairly large roster of characters to pick from and, alongside these things, Hockey Fight Lite even features a highly engaging tournament mode in which you’ll get to participate in some incredibly challenging yet satisfying fights as you try to prove your skills.

The graphics of Hockey Fight Lite are quite impressive. The characters of the game feature true-to-life designs, all the fight animations are spot-on and quite smooth, the colors are lively and the arenas themselves are packed with detail so the game certainly impresses in terms of graphics and, all things considered, certainly comes recommended from us due to its incredible quality.

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