Real Steel World Robot Boxing

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a robot wrestling smartphone game based on the infamous movie Real Steel. Take charge of your very own robot and step into the ring to fight the meanest of them all. Make you way from underworld boxing to jam packed stadiums at the World Robot Boxing championships.

Control your robot with a simple tap of your finger. Use the scroll pad to move your robot left, right, jump and crouch. Tap the attacking buttons to unleash a huge variety of attacks including a special combo. Fill up the combo meter to unleash wrath upon your opponent in the ring. The game involves one-on-one battles to the death.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing features a huge variety of epic game modes for never ending fun. Start the “career” mode with a tier one robot and fight your way from the underworld leagues to the main World Robot Boxing championship. Play the “challenge” mode of the game to fight random bots and complete the objectives to get all the coins. Enter the “versus” mode to challenge any random online player and test your mettle against the rest of the world. Last but certainly not the least; take part in “Live Events” that feature a random bot and a chance to win huge rewards.

The game features a huge variety of cool robots, each boasting a unique finishing move to make the battles more epic. Visit the robot dealer to get your hands on the best metal monster with the help of coins you will win in each fight. You can also upgrade your robots and can increase their health, power and damage resistance. Each upgrade takes some time which you can speed up using the in-game cash currency.

Play each match at the cost of one energy core. You will get a total of five energy cores at a time. Don’t worry though, because this energy keeps on regenerating periodically. You can also purchase instant energy from the store using your in-game coins and cash. You also get to unlock a huge variety of achievements as you progress in the game. Win cool rewards for every achievement for example, a chance to win free coins in a lottery.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing features the most amazing graphics. You can feel the metal coming to life with the realistically detailed robots used in the game. Moreover, the sound effects of the metal hitting metal and the epic background music to get the fuel pumping to keep the players hooked to the game for hours.

So what are you waiting for? Test your mettle in Real Steel World Robot Boxing right now.

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