Lost Lands: Mahjong

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Lost Lands: Mahjong Developed by FIVE-BN STUDIO, Lost Lands Mahjong is a fascinating computer version of the world-famous board game that takes you on an adventurous journey where you’ll be taking matters into your own capable hands to help the elves restore peace and order as their kingdom has been attacked by a dark evil force so gear up and get ready for an epic showdown. The game begins with a brief tutorial level to help you get a grip on the basic mechanism of the game so if you’re new to the game, make sure you go through this tutorial. The core gameplay mechanics are similar to the real-life board game where you’ll be making matches to eliminate all tiles from the board.

The levels begin with a set of different tiles displayed at the center of your screen, each with a different drawing or animation on them, while there’ll also be a row of tiles at the bottom that are used at every turn to make the match. The main objective of the game is to make matches of the identical looking tiles till all the tiles disappear from the screen. The game also includes a hint button that can help you get out from tricky situations in the game so make sure you utilize this feature. Along with its captivating gameplay experience, the game also includes an interesting storyline filled with numerous characters that will make your journey a whole lot more intriguing. The visuals of the game are nothing short of breathtaking thanks to the stunning level designs, amazing character designs, and sleek animations that make your gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

Overall, Lost Lands: Mahjong is a remarkable board game with hundreds of challenging quests and mini-games along with an overarching plot so if you’re a mahjong fan, check this game out.

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