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Drift Zone If you are a drifting enthusiast with the simple need of high quality racing games, Drift Zone is the title that you must try immediately. Race against time and yourself with the most astonishing graphics, but remember that you can only score points when you’re sliding and burning the rubber like a true professional.

Drift zone is an awesome racing game developed by Awesome Industries Sp. z O.O., in which you’ll have to master different challenges that will help you become the absolute king of drifting. There are different ways to conquer Drift Zone, since you can use the buttons or the tilt option to make your car run sideways and collect all the checkpoints before you run out of time.

The main goal here is to get as many points as you can, but you have a limited time to do that. If you reach the blue checkpoints while drifting, you’ll win more seconds to increase your chances of reaching the highest scores. The controls are really easy to use because they give you all the tools you need to drift properly; speed up, speed down, keep your stance wide and use the hand brake, but no matter what you do, never stop drifting.

If you feel like prolonging that drift, you can always use the red button on the timer to make things go in slow motion and paralyzing the clock to score more points, but remember that this option is limited. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade your car for better driving.

Drift Zone is one of the best drifting games that we have played so far, since it offers awesome graphics, 30 different levels and well-designed controls to help everyone become a drifting legend.

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