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Developed by MobileBits, Soulcraft is an immersive role-playing game with numerous challenging levels in which you’ll be filling the shoes of your character as he sets out on a mission to stop the evil fiends who are planning on destroying the world and vanish the human race from the face of the world so buckle up, use your combat skills, and help your character win this never-ending battle in this classic RPG. The game begins with a small tutorial-like level where you’ll be assigned the task of completing a rather easy quest to help you get familiar with the gameplay mechanics so if you’re new to the game, you’ll get much help from this level.

As your journey begins, you’ll be ordered to complete numerous quests and levels in which you’ll be facing heavy resistance from wizards, monsters, and all types of deadly creatures who’ll be on the hunt for you so make sure you use your combat skills to the fullest and take them down. To give you a little extra edge, the game also offers you the chance to upgrade your weapons and resources by opening treasure chests and claiming rewards but if you’re looking for bigger prizes and rewards, you’ll have to win your battles against the big guns of each level so make sure you’re ready to face the boss. When it comes to the visuals, Soulcraft is certainly a masterpiece thanks to its impressive level designs filled with detailed environments along with brilliant animations which make the visual aspect of the game a whole lot appealing.

All said and done, Soulcraft is a fascinating role-playing game with tons of challenging levels along with top-tier visuals so if you haven’t played this game yet, check it out.

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