Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga If you like solitaire, but you don’t consider yourself a hardcore fan that could spend hours playing full games, go ahead and download this new invention of called Pyramid Solitaire Saga. This is the classic solitaire game that we all know and love, but build in a more light package with different missions that help you travel through different places and adventures.

Helena and Kingsley are a pair of bold adventurers with lots of guts and desires to travel and discover things that nobody has ever seen before, but in order to do that they need your intelligence to solve all the crazy puzzles that they find on their way. Luckily for us those puzzles are solitaire challenges; if you want to help them and win a lot of gold, shuffle your cards well and plan ahead.

While Pyramid Solitaire Saga it’s not like a full game of solitaire, this might be actually good for most of the users that want to beat a quick challenge and then progress by going to the next world. If you play Pyramid Solitaire Saga we guarantee you hundreds of hours of fun, since the game counts with more than 150 worlds; each one of them with 10 levels for you.

If you play your cards right, you can win 3 stars per level and you want those stars, since they turn into gold that you can use to buy more themes and lives. Pyramid Solitaire Saga offers you different themes for the cards like Asian, Wild West, Cats, Candy and more.

Use all your intelligence and remember that you need at least 1 star to pass each level; hop on this quest with our favorite adventurers and enjoy all the content that Pyramid Solitaire Saga has for you.

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