World Cricket Championship Lite

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World Cricket Championship Lite is your new chance to enjoy the thrilling experience of playing cricket in your smartphones, but with a better performance for all the mobile devices. If you’re a cricket lover like us and want to take that love everywhere, but you don’t have the latest mobile devices, you can always count with World Cricket Championship Lite to help you.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to show that you’re the best batsman and bowler in the whole world, World Cricket Championship Lite is the game for you. You’ll have all the gameplay and mechanics from classic cricket games such as World Championship Cricket, World Premier League and Super Fantasy Cricket League, but in a small package with standard graphics.

Look at it like a bite-sized version of the most famous cricket titles, since you can play many of the same modes that these games have with average graphics and visual effects. Even though World Cricket Championship Lite might sound like a simple and downgraded version of these games, it has a feature that it surely compensates for everything else, the social factor.

Make friends with other cricket lovers, join a cricket gang, request for points and more with World Cricket Championship Lite. Since this game contains many features of other games, you get to execute more than 30 different shots, but remember that only with practice you will reach perfection so if you want to be the ultimate champion of cricket, don’t stop playing.

World Cricket Championship Lite is available for android and iOS so the fun is available for everyone; play in world tournaments and reach the highest places in the global leaderboard.

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